Anne-Marie Piazza

Trained at The Bristol Old Theatre School

Voiceover and Radio

On this page you will find  voicereels featuring work from commericals and narration.


A compilation of ‘character’ voices all directed by David Timson including work on:
“Faust” for BBC Radio 3 and Ukemi which starred Sam West in the title role with Toby Jones as Mephistopheles and Anna Maxwell Martin as Gretchen.  And for Naxos Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”  (Helena, Titania and Fairy) and “The History of English Poetry” for which poetry included works by Dryden, Pope, Emily Dickenson and Langston Hughes as well as medieval lyrics and ballads.

BBC Radio Drama recordings headlined by “The Archers” playing regular character Annette Turner for Radio 4 with directors including Julie Beckett, Steven Canny, Kate Oates, Jenny Stephens, Rosemary Watts, Vanessa Whitburn and many more.

Alongside this is “The Day They Wouldn’t Take it Anymore” directed by David Timson and “I Believe I Have Genius” directed by Jonquil Panting both for radio for. 

My Accents: (UK)  London, RP, Heightened RP, Lancashire, Yorkshire, South Wales, West Country, Somerset, Scottish Southern, Edinburgh, Northern Irish. (Abroad)  French, Australian, General American, Southern American, Russian, German.

If your device or browser doesn’t support this audio software and you cannot access the links above please come to my Youtube, SoundCloud or Vimeo homepages:

YouTube  sound cloud  vimeo

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